Mechanical & Electrical Design Consultancy


Mechanical & Electrical Design Consultancy

  • Detailed Design of all Mechanical and Electrical services.
  • Performance specifications and drawings for design and build projects.
  • Concept design specifications and drawings for design and price projects.
  • Negotiations and Management of Public Utilities.
  • U Value Calculations and Reports.
  • Energy Performance Calculations and Certification.
  • Part L calculations and Reporting.
  • Energy Audits and Building Efficiency calculations and Reports.



  • Electrical Mains, Sub-mains and Distribution.
  • HV / LV Design and Distribution Studies.
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.
  • Stand-by Generation and UPS Systems.
  • Intelligent Lighting and Control Systems.
  • General Lighting and Power Systems.
  • External and Feature Lighting Systems.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm systems.
  • Life Protection Systems.
  • CCTV / Access / Security Systems.
  • Data / Communication Systems.



  • Heating Systems.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Ventilation Systems/Mechanical/Natural.
  • Smoke Extract / Car park Ventilation Systems.
  • Mechanical Controls / BMS Systems.
  • Water Services.
  • Water Heating Systems.
  • Rainwater and Foul drainage Systems.